Wednesday, February 13, 2008

In Praise of Giant Robot

I recently saw the movie Cloverfield which I enjoyed, but it left me empty. I thought it needed something, something more than a steady cam, it needed a GIANT ROBOT. I mean one of the early rumors was that this monster movie was a big budget take on Voltron or GoLion to you from Japan. I mean its time; time we the viewing public see some giant robot action. I mean my God! how long must we endure celluloid scenarios were we the people only have conventional weapons to use against giant beasts with the destructive powers of nukes. We needs a change! We need an Ultraman or related family, Voltron, or Tranzor Z. We need brave men and women seen jumping into expensive, excessive weapons of mass destructions whopping the tar out of some CGI monstrosity and we need it now.

However, there are some caveats:

No teenage robot pilots [if you realized the number of fatalities from underage Mecha piloting you would throw out your anime collection]

No emo pilots [they freeze in battle or they go bezerk]

Robot must have a cool name and design [These are Super Robots not realistic forms of robotics]

and above all else it must be BAD ASS

ps this is an image by cheeks-74 on Deviant Art

Monday, January 21, 2008

"She was Perfect Except for the whole Cyclops Thing

This comes from a conversation with my MSea and reading up on the book Love and Sex with Robots by David Levy.

Under what conditions should you not have Sex? I mean What type of guy/girl/appliance should not be making the goo goo gag gah's at. So for any of you in these situations and for our descendants some sage advice.

Robots, Androids, and anything that Needs Charging; it'll be okay for awhile I mean it is a sex robot that either looks human or robotic. But it's stronger than you; you're constantly in the hospital; and its jealous rages have crippled your relationships with friend's and family. Also, it keeps talking about taking over the world and during sex it calls you "fleshy ones"

Zombies; their definition of "brains" and yours are two different things plus their needy

Aliens: it only worked for Capt. Kirk; all you're getting out it is possibly an alien probe or worse a sex tape with ET.

People from the Future; one you're robbing from the cradle stop it; two in most of these situations you're related or its a robot and it will kill you

Mal-adjusted people with Powers; it will not end well see Carrie; also don't try to have sex in the air you'll fall.

The weird girl who looks like an alien; she is one and if she just wants to impregnate you

Anybody on Torchwood; because you just know they caught something from that last Alien orgy

Living Puppets; not anatomically correct

People Who want to Take Over the World; they maybe jet setters and fantastic lovers but I tell you now, you will be arrested for associating with enemies of the state and tax evasion.

Super Villains; see above and add that some of them like to have dress up in their arch enemies clothing and make long speeches that end in crying (at least that is what QFro said someone told him about a certain bald villain).

Emo's; you will either have a Crying Game moment or for the ladies; smack him and tell him to Man da fuck up

Green Chicks; they have all slept with William Shatner or they are his children

Super Heroines; this includes dem female Green Lanterns; they all fine till you come back to the house late drunk with some woman's number in yo Blackberry..... sorry about that. also avoid messing with any married ones.

Vampires; cause I don't care what Anne Rice or Laura K Hamilton says; trying to take a sip while somebody's sleeping ain't cool

Mecha Pilots; underage always' always

Saturday, January 05, 2008

@$%! or What really happened during the 51 Infinite Final Countown to Civil War

from the Journal of Augustus Q. Fro:

Switzerland (DC Universe Earth A)


It was all complete and utter bullshit; and a little of it but all of it

The Registration Act

The socalled "Civil War"

The Deaths and "Deaths"



Final Countdown

Anything with the words Crisis

It was pointless, insulting to my intelligence, and it was a year I will never get back
But it gave me something to do.

I should back track; there were ten of us a quasi-conspiracy; contractors really from across multiple realities. Our purpose was to rob two realities codenamed DC and Marvel. In order to do this in relative safety we needed to sow destruction (essentially kick up a lot of shit walk in take stuff and walk out).

Emil aka the Beauracracy put together; Emil is just the name i gave him he actually goes by some sort of file number which is so ridiculously long that I just called him Emil which is what he looks like. Me and the wife were called in; me to safe breach the dimensional shielding; she to carry out recon and some wetwork. there was the Old crow a sorceress, Teknet the living computer, leMasque the face man, and Chuck our link to the super villain subordinate crowd (ex-AIM henchman disgruntled).

It was two take three weeks planning and 64 hrs of actual work ; why the hell it took a whole year and counting is beyond fucking me.

Now I'm familiar with both places as you have read in previous posts; there quaint places but shit I don't want to be here anymore.

But it all began with one man Maxwell Lord

End of Log

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Coming Soon


This is to let anybody running past this site that Dr. Augustus Fro will be back soon; also we will be adding entries on comic related material as well as an Afro-centric slant on the superhero business

so watch this page

Friday, December 08, 2006

Sunday, July 23, 2006

These Are the People in my Neighborhood, Oh in My....


I want to thank all of you for youe e-mails and I thank you deeply. I must take this aside to note that my previous home Earth D (technical term Multiverse 6578R), is 75% intact (give or take a pole, maybe a hemisphere). The majority of the major heroes were wipped out (except for the second-stringers them bastards CANNOT BE KILLED!!!) Anyway the decision to move to E8 was simple; it was of equal mass and density with the right string frequency to allow a quick move. Also we had a switcher (copy to switch with). My copy same name Frost and was a hero (my wife's was a part of a rescue organization and had powers). So we kind of force switched them to our old 'verse; suprised to say that actually saved them. Anyway this world has a collection of heroes (and in fair distribution across geography and population). I live in fair Hub City aka Memphis, TN. It was once the home to the Question, but he went to DC; it is now the home to the Black Lantern (a semi-mystic green lantern type joined up with a god). Place is filled with corrupt politcians, scum, and the like. It also has a record number of Pyramids, obalesks, and egytian architecture (this stems from an atempted takeover from the god Set). The amount of dust kicked up during that fight allowed me to find a nice sized space for a lab (pics later). Also the quality of badguy helpers is superb; must take time to commend my subordinates they are both thoroughly competent and are joy to work with. My wife maintains her base at her studio (no need to repeat mistakes; married villains can't share secret bases they can't). As always We Just Got To Tahe Over!

Hello, While looking through the books I found an old pic of me so hear you go the 70's QuantumFro Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

On The Ground Running

New Earth

New Heroes

Same old Fro

It's been an interesting few weeks here on Earth8. The kids are having a hard time with the move; they give me dirty ass looks everytime I walk past their rooms. I mean I know moommy and daddy blew away every friend they ever knew, but the same boggers are here on this earth and if they absolutly must, there is a half of the old planet left (which I must applaud the genius of that earth's scientists because what I did to the remaining heroes; well...I did what only a proper villain can.)

My wife and I are settling down as well. We still go to marriage counselor; we're working on our trust issues. She has opened up a new art gallery in the downtown area and I just started work with this earth's super-secret black program as a consultant. The town's nice, unlike last time the capes don't all hang around the biggest city so we have a small hurdle. I'm helping out with my wife getting back in the game. So I am working on her new uniform. Work has also started on my new agenda for world domination.

More later.

Fro, Where You Been?

July, What have I, where have I been? Setting things in motion. Putting my life in order. For the world is about to end. What? the world to end? Armageddon? Jesus the reunion tour? Yes it is the end of the world, mine not yours. I have regrets but none I will save with you. I wish I had kept my damn mouth shut about every chick I slept with. I regret tagging the Batmobile and that time me Lex Luthor, Magneto, and Bizarro tag teamed lois lane in the Fortress of Solitude that was petty. So in my need for repentence, I have decided to blow this bitch SKY HIGH!

So I've been busy moving stuff, finding new schools for the kids. The wife and I still haven't finalized our new covers. (And before you bitch about the ethicality of all this now animals were severely harmed during the destruction of the earth and I have moved all family and friends to said new earth) But shhh, don't tell anybody I want it to be a surprise.